The end of the road for Pixel Perfect Tree 👋

On November of 2016, Pixel Perfect Tree was acquired by GFR Media.

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Development is our discipline.
Detail is our craft.

We make meaningful web experiences powered by cutting edge technologies for innovative companies and startups.

No matter the challenge, our team excels at making sense of a wide range of business challenges to deliver high quality solutions.

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Skill 1

Consulting | User Stories

Got an idea? Start a conversation and let us help you shape it. We are happy proving the extent of our capabilities by transforming your inspiration into full user stories adjusted to your brand and business vision, paving the way to start your project’s journey the right way.

Skill 2

Wireframing | UI/UX

Here in Pixel Perfect Tree we firmly believe that synergy goes a long way. We work to guarantee the best possible product for each of our clients’ needs by focusing our design on the end-user experience. Our goal is to design Pixel Perfect interfaces that fit your needs.

Skill 3


This is where we really shine. We’ll provide your ideas with a spot to grow into a full-blown product by using our development expertise and detailed oriented approach guided by tests. Our pride is to deliver solid solutions to both established companies and startups, providing scalable products and support for the long haul.

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The Pixel Process

User Stories

We make sense of all of your requirements and use our expertise to bring you a clearer image of how great can your project be in the form of User Stories.


We gave you the best: Now what? Here at Pixel Project Tree we never stop working on improving. Be it maintenance, upgrading or starting a new project altogether, we plan to remain at your side as partners, bringing excellence to every new mission.


Let’s go even further: The team is happy to bring your vision closer to life by creating a detailed layout for your project, putting our best to create outstanding Pixel Perfect interfaces with the user experience in mind.


Besides using cutting-edge tools and technologies, our philosophy encourages constant learning of a wide array of technologies and disciplines, all in order to develop top-notch solutions to all of our customer’s needs.

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